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2022, Television, Gail Hancock, EMMERDALE, ITV Studios, Mike Lacey, Miguel Guerreiro, Matt Hilton, Ian Bevitt, George Siougas

2019, Television, Emma, SILENT WITNESS, BBC Studios, Dominic Leclerc

2017, Television, Rebecca, CASUALTY, BBC Drama Productions, Jordan Hogg

2011, Television, Sister Lester, DOCTORS, BBC Drama Productions, Matthew Chambers

2007, Television, Jewish Woman, JOE'S PALACE, BBC1/Talkback, Stephen Poliakoff

2007, Television, Teacher, STUART: A LIFE BACKWARDS, BBC 2/Neal Street Productions, David Attwood


2022, Stage, Alison, FAMILY ALBUM, (World Premiere), Stephen Joseph Theatre and UK Tour, Alan Ayckbourn

2019, Stage, Sally, CAROLINE"S KITCHEN, UK National Tour and US Premiere, Original Theatre Company, Alastair Whatley

2018, Stage, Agathe, Dance Captain and Choreographer, WOMEN IN POWER, NST/ Oxford Playhouse, Blanche McIntyre

2018, Stage, Ysé, BREAK OF NOON, Finborough Theatre/ Exchange Theatre, David Furlong

2017, Stage, Dawn, INVINCIBLE, UK National Tour, Original Theatre Company, Stephen Darcy

2016, Stage, Alice, HERO's WELCOME, UK National Tour and US Premiere, Alan Ayckbourn

2016, Stage, Lucy, Bernice, Mrs Pearce, Beryl, CONFUSIONS, UK National Tour and US Premiere, Alan Ayckbourn

2015, Stage, Alice, HERO's WELCOME (World Premiere), Stephen Joseph Theatre, Alan Ayckbourn

2015, Stage, Lucy, Bernice, Mrs Pearce, Beryl, CONFUSIONS, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Alan Ayckbourn

2015, Stage, Gale, ROUNDELAY, UK National Tour, Alan Ayckbourn

2014, Stage, Ez, ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES, UK National Tour and US Premiere, Alan Ayckbourn

2014, Stage, Penny, FARCICALS UK National Tour and US Premiere, Alan Ayckbourn

2013, Stage, Ez, ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES (World Premiere), Stephen Joseph Theatre, Alan Ayckbourn

2013, Stage, Penny, FARCICALS (World Premiere), Stephen Joseph Theatre, Alan Ayckbourn

2012, Stage, Heama, Betty, Sarah, SUPERJOHN, Firehouse Creative Productions, Rachel Parish

2012, Stage, Doris, SAME TIME NEXT YEAR, Esk Valley Theatre, Mark Stratton

2011, Stage, Actor, PRIVATE THOUGHTS IN PUBLIC PLACES, *WINNER* Nuestra Casa, CASA, Oval House, Isabel Quinzanos

2010, Stage, Confessor, I CONFESS , Tangled Feet/Firehouse, Rachel Parish & Nathan Curry

2010, Stage, Vera (Cover Vera, Poppy, Peggy & Margie), LILIES ON THE LAND, Fresh Glory, The Arts Theatre, Sonia Ritter

2010, Stage, Stella, STELLA, Southwark Playhouse UK & Douglass Theatre, GA, USA, Rachel Parish (Firehouse)

2009, Stage, Actor/Dancer, PAPER WINGS/RESOLUTIONS, The Place, Mollie Mclelland

2008, Stage, Mrs Bluebeard, KIDDY-FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, The Bad Taste Ideas Factory, Edinburgh Fringe, Jairus Obayomi

2007, Stage, Girl, 20TH CENTURY WHICH ART IN HEAVEN , Soho Theatre , Simon Breden

2007, Stage, Lizzie, GOD, Theatre 503, Duncan Macmillan

2007, Stage, Sarah, THE BOOK BY MIKE BARTLETT , Nabokov, Trafalgar Studios, James Grieve

2007, Stage, Woman, WAIT FOR THE GHOST , Theatre 503, Mike Bartlett

2006, Stage, Marilyn Lovell, ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB , Old Vic New Voices, William Mortimer

2006, Stage, Infanta Maria Teresa, LAS MENINAS , The National Gallery, Simon Breden

2005, Stage, Sam , COMFORT (24 HOUR PLAYS), Old Vic New Voices, James Grieve

2005, Stage, Anna Rothko, LAZARD'S GAMBIT, Nabakov Shorts, The Old Red Lion, William Mortimer

2005, Stage, Natasha, THE JOURNEY, Southwark Playhouse, Rachel Parish

2005, Stage, Beatrice, VIOLENT B, The Jerwood Space (Royal Court Writers Showcase), James Grieve

2009, Workshop, Mrs Greenfich, A DUEL IN THE DARK, Dog Ate Cake, Henry Bell

2008, Workshop, Betsey Chirrup, A PHENOMENON IN A SMOCK FROCK, Dog Ate Cake, Henry Bell



2022, Feature Film, Freda, CITY GIRLS, MSR Media, Roger Spottiswoode

2018, Short Film. Denise, LOVE BIRD, Georgios Hartofilakidis

2017, VR Film, Bea, UTOPIA 6, Breaking Fourth, David Kaskel, Nathan Miller

2017, Short Film, Chesca, THE AGENCY, Little Us Films, Paul Andrew Robinson

2017, Short Film, Sara, A FINAL TRUTH, Cavendish Pictures, Samuel Gridley

2017, Short Film, Nurse Gray, A STITCH IN TIME, Seven and Eight Productions, Graham Atkins-Hughes

2013, Short Film, Claire (Lead), I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU, Mosquito Boat, Daniel Bayle

WINNER: BEST ACTOR, St Albans Film Festival 

2013, Feature Film, Emma, CHASING ROBERT BARKER, I Made It Films, Daniel Florencio

2013, Feature Film, Georgie, SCRAWL, Kicked By A Mule, Peter Hearn

2013, Short Film, Woman, LEICESTER'S GAME, John Henry Owen

2012, Short Film, Georgie (Lead), MOTTO, Kicked By A Mule, Peter Hearn

2011, Short Film, Catherine (Lead), SOMETHING OLD, Scudamason/Finite Films, Oli Mason

2011, Short Film, La Femme (Lead), METRO 7 BIS, Instant Film, Dean Loxton

2011, Short Film, Amber, STRANGERS, Instant Film, Dean Loxton

2011, Short Film, The Dancer, ONE IN A MILLION, FBM Productions, Paul Walker

2011, Short Film, Rachel, JUAN, Instant Film, Dean Loxton

2011, Short Film, Woman (Lead), ALL THAT REMAINS (48hr Sci-fi Film Challenge), Picnic Films, Dave Thomas

2011, Short Film, Claire Frank (Lead), JACK MALCHANCE (Web Series), Instant Film, Dean Loxton

2010, Feature Film, News Reporter, MISSION LONDON, Sofia, Bulgaria, Dimitar Mitovski

2010, Short Film, Stranger on Tube, NOSTAR (48hour film), Nostar Films NZ/ Instant Film UK, Dean Loxton

2006, Feature Film, Nurse Em, JAM, Angelo Abela

2005, Feature Film, Gretchen Tucker , CROSS-EYED WALTZ, Kicked By A Mule, Peter Hearn

2004, Short Film, Beth (Lead), LENNY, Jack Blood Productions, Josiah Newbolt

2003, Short Film, Julia (Lead), SHADOWS, London Film School, Frederic Graup

2002, Short Film, Poet, I THINK YOU THINK I THINK, London Film School, Anu Gopalakrishnan

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